Pelican Shirt -  "Love You Louisiana"

Pelican Shirt - "Love You Louisiana"

  • $20.00

Fabulous tees with a copyrighted design are offered in "Heather Purple"  for that soft, pastel look. Great too for casual-dressy nights where the image boldly stands out without words getting in the way. The "Love You Louisiana-Pelican" shirt is a Louisiana original, and a design that will make your wardrobe the same! At Louisiana Shirts (.com), we take the time to create unique images that deserve a copyright from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.. The stock shirts are by Gildan... a quality, national provider of
garments. The shirts are screen printed with an extra base coat beneath the design to help the image  stay sharp and bold for many years. Cotton/Poly blend. Wash them inside out, then put them in the dryer. Note: select the custom order option if you have special shipping requirements. Call or text any time
you have questions. We are here to help. Thank you.