About Our Brand

We always bring you unique designs on quality clothing for every member of your family. To that end, all of our images are copyrighted to ensure you have something special for your wardrobe. Steinberg Art Studio is a father and son enterprise with Ian Steinberg creating all of the images for Louisianashirts.com. Please enjoy our comfortable, blended fabric shirts. Also, you can contact us when you need custom designs for your company or organization. Thank you.

"New Products"

4/27/19: Look up.... really, look up! We have the new designs printed, posted above, and sold at two shows today! The new shirts were a hit and well received by locals. Now we'd like the rest of Louisiana people that find themselves away from home to enjoy our latest Louisiana designs wherever they may be. Please order your shirts today! We thank you.

ALERT * NEWS * HELLO* UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/24/19: The new designs are at the screen printer now! We should have them tomorrow, and will post pics A.S.A.P.


We just got mail from Washington D.C. containing our latest copyrighted images. We will have them on shirts ASAP and listed on this site. Please keep in touch Louisiana citizens far and wide..... you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE these two designs ... too!


Soon to be "delivered" are baby "onesies" in 6-month and 12-month sizes sporting three new designs on a variety of colors. Waiting is no fun!